Selfies. I don’t really like to take them, I just can’t get the angle right. Although with all the filters available (I especially love the golden butterfly Snapchat filter, but I don’t Snapchat so…) you can look pretty good. But how do you look good without a filter? With the right products and a few key makeup techniques, you can be confident you’ll look great in any impromptu photo.

I have been working lately on some videos and TV projects that are filmed in 4k or in other words super High Definition. This kind of video shows EVERYTHING! It is my job to make sure my clients look their best and without any obvious makeup corrections like visible powder or foundation and concealer settling into fine lines. And so here are my top makeup tips to make you look flawless in photos #nofilter needed.


1/ CHOOSE THE RIGHT FORMULA. Foundations with optical blurring ingredients help to create a built in filter and they don’t mask the skin making it look flat and lifeless. My top picks for a flawless finish: Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, and Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

2/ LIGHTEN UP ON CONCEALER. No one wants to accentuate their wrinkles or under-eye circles so you want to cover these with the least amount of product possible. Try HD concealers or if you need more coverage try mixing a thicker concealer with a bit of under eye moisturizer. Apply in layers, a little goes a long way. Use peach and orange based concealers to correct discoloration. Make sure the concealer isn’t too light or you will end up looking like a raccoon. A little bit of HD powder to set, but really minimal. No baking, please!

3/ OPT FOR HD POWDER. This type of powder is so finely milled and has light reflecting particles making skin less shiny imperceptibly. Just make sure to use the smallest amount. Dip your brush in the powder and shake off the excess so you almost have nothing left on the brush. Then brush across the area, flicking off the excess.You want to remove shine set foundation and concealer.

4/ WARM UP YOUR COMPLEXION. To keep skin from looking flat and lifeless, warm up your complexion with some bronzer and some blush. I wouldn’t go for a full on contouring. Instead lightly accentuate your bone structure by sweeping some bronzer under the cheekbones, along the jawline and at the temples and hairline. I also like to finish with some cream blush blended well.

5/ HIGHLIGHT SPARINGLY. Add some highlighter along the tops of cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, and along the cupids bow of the lips but don’t go overboard. Too much highlighting will make you look more like the tin man than a glowing supermodel!

6/ AVOID MINERAL SPF. If you will be photographed with a flash it is best to avoid using skin care products with mineral sunscreen ingredients like zinc and titanium dioxide. These can make the skin appear white or chalky especially with a flash. Opt instead for a chemical sunscreen.

As for lighting, always face the light source as this gives the most flattering even light. The best light source, of course, is natural light so seek out a window and smile!


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