Art meets Fashion with 12 year old designer Ariel

Yes I’m writing a fashion post! I know that this is a beauty blog, but I was so enchanted by the designs of  fashion designer Ariel for Swedroebyariel, that I had to share. Recently I had the pleasure of modeling some of Ariel’s gorgeous pieces for their social media accounts and I had a little […] Read more…

eyebrows history of the eyebrow

A brief history of the brow

It started with the unibrow. When I was a teenager I had thick brows that I felt met in the middle, aka the uni-brow,  and I was desperate to pluck them! Now looking back on my photos I realize I had the eyebrow of today’s models, thick and natural, but I was one generation too […] Read more…

japanese makeup display in Tokyu Hands department store in Singapore

Shopping for beauty in Singapore

by Colleen At the moment I’m writing this post from Singapore, the other side of the world quite literally from Miami! It’s also 13 hours ahead and so now it’s morning of the next day but still the evening of the previous day in Miami. Sound confusing? Well add jet lag to the mix and […] Read more…

mehndi art

Mehndi Art

by Colleen One of the things I really enjoy about my job as a makeup artist is that I sometimes it takes me to places or events that I might not otherwise have experienced. Case in point, a lavish Indian wedding. I was hired to do makeup for an Indian wedding a couple of weeks […] Read more…



by Colleen The other day I was doing makeup for a shoot and from where I was working I could clearly see the retoucher busy working on a previous photoshoot. A retoucher is a highly skilled person who spends their days photoshopping pictures for clients such as photographers, magazines, catalogues etc. She was working so […] Read more…

FAAM Uran Art Week

Art in Wynwood : FAAM Urban Art Week

by Alix Yesterday night I went to the Guntram von Habsburg Foundation Cocktail, hosted by the Fine Art Auctions Miami (FAAM). A live artists show including Chris Brown aka Konfused x Kai, The London Police, C&R (Christian Volckman and Raphael Thierry) and Federico Massa where international and local artists working live creating custom pieces that will […] Read more…

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