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Why I am smearing Snail Mucin on my skin

I first tasted snails, or escargots, with minor trepidation while visiting my in-laws in Burgundy, France. Smothered in garlic butter and washed down with a glass of chilled Chablis, they were delectable! But snail mucin, or more plainly slime? On my face? Snail mucin has been used in Korea as a skin care ingredient for […] Read more…

L'immortelle de Corse dans le maquis

Immortelle, the anti-aging flower

It’s the first thing you notice when you arrive in the beautiful island of Corsica, the heady scent of the maquis, the mix of indigenous plants that cover it’s territory. It’s been said that Napoleon could sense his approach towards the coast of his native island with his eyes closed, by scent only. A Maredda, […] Read more…


Skincare ingredient: Skullcap Root

by Colleen Skullcap root, which has been around for centuries and is traditionally used in Chinese medicine, is now showing up in beauty products and for good reason. It is believed to have  antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and brightening effects on the skin. It is even being studied for it’s potential anti-cancer properties as it seems to hinder the […] Read more…