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These products are the balm!

What’s your type? Do you like them long and lean or defined and thick? I’m talking lashes here not men (Personally I like my men long and lean but my lashes thick and voluminous!) Joking aside, the Balm’s imaginative and sexy packaging is so much fun you’ll want to do your makeup in public. Take […] Read more…


Baby Foot- The Review

I have a love/hate relationship with my feet. On one hand I’m very thankful they can carry me through marathons and I can dress them in super cute shoes, but on the other they are just plain ugly! I will spare you the details but I am not blessed with those really adorable small feet […] Read more…


Foreo Luna Mini- the review

I sometimes receive odd requests when I work on photoshoot productions, mostly makeup advice, but recently I had a client ask me in desperation where he could pick up a Clairsonic skin device ASAP. He’d forgotten to pack his and told me it was key to his flawless skin. Glowing and even, his complexion was […] Read more…

Korean Beauty Tony Moly lip scrub

Silly packaging-serious skincare

“Never judge a book by its cover,” or so the saying goes, and in the case of these adorable childlike cosmetics packages I would have to say that it’s true. Contained inside these brightly  colored and fruity plastic objects from Korean brand Tony Moly, lie some serious skin care ingredients. You would have to be […] Read more…

caviar eye gel pot with lid open showing orange gel product inside

Caviar Eye Repair Gel from Dermaesthetics

I have tried all sorts of eye creams and serums in the hopes of eliminating my dark circles and preventing more laugh lines from forming. (laugh lines sound so much better than crow’s feet!) Some have worked better than others, essentially masking the problem but not really helping to repair. A friend of mine who […] Read more…

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