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The Best Skincare Products for Summer

The Best Skincare Products for Summer by Jordan Davis Summer sunshine gets a bad rep for plenty of good reasons. Beyond the burn, there are the early aging effects of UV radiation (known as photo-aging) and the changes in skin color and texture that some of us experience whenever the mercury rises. For a lucky […] Read more…

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summer hair tips

I spend a lot of time outside for photo shoots and also on my time off. I do my running outside and go to the beach and pool on the weekends. My hair is colored and I need to protect it from the sun otherwise, it turns an orangey/brassy shade that isn’t very attractive! I […] Read more…


Strobing- A winter skin perk up

It’s January. It’s cold and dry. Winter skin can always do with a perk up and the trendy makeup technique “strobing” is perfect to fake a healthy glow. I don’t think that strobing is really anything new, but just an updated version of the highlighting that makeup artists have been using all along. Strobing is […] Read more…

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