Looking to add a little sparkle to your New Year’s Eve makeup? I think that with a light hand and in small touches, glitter, sparkle or shimmer can add a festive look to your makeup. It is the season to shine so it’s the one time of the year where you can get away with adding some grown-up glitter.


I like to start my night out preparations with a face mask and a cup of hot tea. Here I’m using this amazing hydra gel mask from SkinOne called Prime snail, but any hydrating mask will prepare your skin for makeup and make you feel a little pampered before a night out. The hot tea, because it’s at the same time calming and has caffeine, so you can stay awake later.

Glitter Application Guide


I like to do my hair before my makeup. That way if I get hot and sweaty drying it, my makeup isn’t ruined! Since it’s a special night out and my hair is growing out and in that in between stage, I’m trying out some hair extensions. These ones are Euronext 18 inch clip-ins from Sally’s Beauty Supply. If the idea of clip in hair sounds complicated, I recommend these great ones from Hidden Crown hair. They are incredibly easy to put on as they are on a transparent wire so there is no need for clips-you have to see the website to see what I mean.

I prefer to do my makeup in daylight so I can see any mistakes. Gathering up the essentials for a glitter eye; loose glitter, cream eye shadow, tissue and tape!


Step one: Apply your makeup and define your eyes with shadow. Here I used the eyeshadow quad eyes to kill in Boudoir from Armani. Then on the center of the lid apply a cream shadow like this one, Eye tint in Flannel from Armani. The cream will help the glitter to adhere.

Step 2: Pour a little glitter in the lid of the container. Glitter from MAC in glittery silver.


Step 3: Holding a tissue under your eye to catch any glitter, use your ring finger to press the glitter on to the center of the eyelid.

Step 4: Using a piece of tape rolled in a tube shape, place on your finger and use it to lift off any errant glitter pieces. ( there are always some, even if you’re careful!)

Sometimes I will wait to do foundation and concealer after doing a glitter eye so that I can clean up the skin before applying. This time though, I did my makeup first, applying the glitter carefully and cleaning up with tape.


I have seen some interesting uses of sparkle this year, glitter roots and glitter under eye cover come to mind, reminding us of our days with glitter glue in kindergarten. Here are some suggestions to add some grown-up glitter in subtle ways that are easy to achieve and very wearable.

  1. Glitter eyeliner– This may be the easiest way to shine light in your eyes this season. Glitter eyeliner traced along the tops of lashes or subtly underneath will catch the light especially at evening parties when the lighting is dim. It’s very easy to use since the glitter is already mixed into the formula , there is no mess.
  2. Glimmer body oil– I like to use this to subtly highlight the shoulders, decolleté or legs, whatever skin is showing when going out to a party. It catches the light and adds some drama to a going out look. I love this one called shimmering dry oil prodigieuse from Nuxe.
  3. I’m not a fan of glitter nails but I saw this nail look recently in Shape magazine and I thought the graphic line placed down the middle of the nail was very modern and chic.


photo: Shape Magazine December 2015

Happy New Year 2016!

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