Gorgeous Red carpet worthy legs

by Colleen

Summer is around the corner and maybe you have some events, like graduations, weddings, proms at this time of the year so you may be uncovering your legs and slipping into some great dresses. Maybe you haven’t had any time in the sun or perhaps you have a few bruises or spider veins and would like to cover them somehow.

Part of my job as a makeup artist is to cover up any imperfections on visible body parts and legs are one of the areas most often in need of some touching up.

Here is my guide to getting glamorous, red carpet worthy legs!

In the shower, give yourself a good exfoliation with a scrub or a loofah. As soon as you have stepped out of the shower and are still a bit damp, that’s the best time to moisturize.

For pale limbs:  A gradual self tanner is great if you have  a few days before the event. I really like ST.Tropez’s everyday gradual tan, the hue is very realistic and not orangey. If you are pressed for time then the quickest solution is to even out your skin tone with either MAC face and body foundation or Sally Hansen air brush legs. I often use the Mac face and body foundation on photo shoots because there is such a great range of shades to suit any skin tone but Sally Hansen’s is very good as well and does not rub off on your clothes.There new lotion is even easier to use than the spray.

Bruises: If they are very blue/ green, neutralize the color with a berry colored lipstick (matte) then set with powder and top that with a concealer like Amazing Concealer or Keromask or Dermablend.

Spider veins/ bites : Depending on the severity of them you could either cover with an all over foundation like Sally Hansen airbrush legs or MAC face and body foundation or for small areas just a concealer. Make sure to blend very well, step back and check your legs in the mirror, you don’t want to end up like Angelina Jolie!( see here)

Very dry/rough legs– Make sure to exfoliate and try a moisturizer like Amlactin which helps to both exfoliate legs with alpha hydroxy acids and ceramides to deeply hydrate. You can even top this off with a body oil for a little sheen.

Red carpet shine: Mix a few drops of your highlighter with your moisturizer and smooth onto legs  to give them that glamorous finish. Pay particular attention to the shin bone- highlight along the shin bone to give the illusion of thinner legs. For a no-mix solution try Peaushun which is like a tinted moisturizer for your legs with light reflecting ingredients to get that red carpet glow.

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