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Let me introduce myself I am the new recruit of Blush and Beyond, the hidden side, the non-model, the frenchy abroad for years!!! I am also her buddy runner – yes! Colleen is not only a model make up artist but she is also an accomplished sportswoman and we are going to run a marathon together very soon!

It is true then; I am the behind the scenes of Blush and Beyond. In brief I am the Beyond, Colleen is the Blush!

Quite excited about this collaboration I am going to make you discover my universe, my life of several times uprooted, my a bit special frenchy side even though it’s not always very sane! So in a few sentences, here is my story, I was born in Paris a few decades ago. Pure Parisian product I have studied, met my husband and brought into the world my children before going off to discover this earth, more than 10 years now.

First step London. Ah, the British sense of humor! Their culture a little zany, The London night! I loved every aspect of this city, had beautiful encounters, polished my English and my sense of style. I cried when I arrived but even more when I left …

Then my dear husband wanted his children to discover the United States where he had studied and, in particular, Miami his childhood dream come true! So here we are settled for 8 years now in the art deco capital, the second home of contemporary art, in the sun all year long- my best friend – where manatees spread their languor over the turquoise water.

Okay let’s talk about my professional background. So as I’ve already said I’m not the model even though I also frequent people from fashion. As a frenchy I love luxury and I have always worked in this industry, assistant to the editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar, press attaché for Nina Ricci, Paco Rabanne and the skipper Thierry Dubois. What’s that got to do with luxury? Nothing! Just wanted to talk sailing for 2 seconds! I also created a small jewelry brand called AlixinKB 100% made in Miami!

On a personal side I am super active or hyper-active according to some well-intentioned people! I love sports: running that I practice very diligently; yoga is good for my spirit… and waterskiing in Miami bay populated with Dolphins and rays! Yes I swear!

Specialist in fashion & people, I love reading newspapers, surfing the net, passionate about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and everything that is new, I intend to introduce you to my world through our blog and various other media such as instagram – playing with pictures is my thing!

So let yourself be transported by our desire to share with you our vision, tips and joie de vivre, our humor. And discover our beauty, lifestyle and shopping universe.


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  1. HI ladies – so very cool! I can connect you with some cool companies if ever in the hunt for some posts : )…

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