Sleep – not enough and I can’t function, yet there are so many nights when I don’t get enough. Either it’s hormonal or I’ve exercised too late in the day or maybe too much time spent scrolling through Instagram in bed (very, very bad habit!) I love my sleep and the revitalizing feeling I get after a good sound night’s sleep. Its not only important for our bodies but also for our skin. This is the body’s time to repair and regenerate itself, so let’s not hinder it. Here are my tips for waking up to more beautiful skin.


  1. Remove your makeup

This is a tough one, because there are nights I know that I’m just too tired to remove the little bit of mascara or concealer that I had during the day, but it’s so important. Even if you keep some wipes (which aren’t ideal) or cotton pads and some Miscellaire water in your bedside table ( convenience is key) so that you can quickly cleanse your face, it is better than leaving it on. During the day our skin combats pollution, dirt, and UV rays and makeup and even sunblock create a layer that can clog your pores. It’s for good reason your mother told you to get your beauty sleep. Allow your skin the chance to breathe and be clean so it can repair itself while you sleep.


2. Try a sleeping mask

After you’ve cleansed your skin, try one of these great sleeping masks that are so popular in Korea. I love the Firming Sleeping Pack from Laniege that I picked up this summer in Singapore. I don’t bother with applying any serums or night creams before applying this once or twice a week. It has a light gel like texture that is very hydrating and helps to improve skin elasticity and prevent sleep lines from forming. Sleep lines are those wrinkles that appear after sleeping with your face smashed into your pillow ( who me?) and eventually don’t go away. I’ve also been sleeping with this pillowcase to help prevent more of these lines from forming.

My newest find is this lip sleeping mask, also from Laneige that helps repair dry damaged lips overnight. One of my very first posts on this blog was about my obsession with lip balm and how even though applying it throughout the day my lips continue to be dry. After trying this lip mask several nights in a row, I wake up to hydrated lips and so I no longer feel the need to apply chapstick constantly, which I think is the key to avoiding chapstick addiction ( a very real problem characterized by constant reapplying of any lip balm at all times during the day in public and terror when said lip balm can not be found in one’s purse!)

3. Give yourself a before bed facial massage

Obviously if you don’t have time to remove your makeup this won’t be a good tip for you, but I find that it really helps to relieve the tension of the day. If I go to bed ruminating on all the things that happened during the day, I wake up feeling unrested and my face also looks tired. I also grind my teeth at night and so I find that if I take a few minutes to relax in bed and gently massage my temples, the space between my brows and my jaw and neck, my whole body starts to relax and tension in my face releases which helps to promote a better night’s sleep.If I have the time I will do this with a facial oil, preferably one that smells great to help me relax.

So there you have my 3 humble tips. Do you have any tips for waking up more beautiful?

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3 comments on “3 ways to wake up looking more Beautiful”

  1. Great tips! I am trying an experiment right now to fall asleep more quickly and to stay asleep rather than waking up fussing over the day’s stresses, and it appears to be working! I leave my phone out of the bedroom all together and charge it in another room overnight. Removing the temptation to scan through Instagram and emails and such, really helps me to relax and focus on calming my mind. So far so good! I am going to try a masque and a massage too – I should sleep like a baby.

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