“If you have ugly legs wear a deep décolleté” Christian Dior

The decollete is defined as the area from the neck to the cleavage or a plunging neckline. It is one of the most sensual and beautiful parts of the feminine silhouette. But it is often overlooked by cosmetic companies.  After years of slathering on anti-aging creams and sunscreen on my face my age is betrayed by the lines and sunspots on my chest. If only I had listened to those sophisticated French ladies who told me to use my face products on my neck and my decolleté! Apart from a few (and often French) beauty brands, the decollete does not have its own product line.

And it should! The skin on the decollete area is thinner and has less sebaceous glands than other parts of the body leaving it susceptible to fine lines. Not only that but if you are a side sleeper like me, you get creases from sleeping that exacerbate the problem. Recently I received an email from SIO a new brand offering an overnight secret for a wrinkle free decollete. I actually had not been thinking about that area much until I heard about this product. Yes, I have those deep creases from side sleeping! Yes, I want to try something that will get rid of them! Send me a sample yes, please!


It’s three step routine starting before bed. First, you cleanse the area with pre-moistened cotton discs that contain glycolic and lactic acids, both great exfoliators. Then you apply the skin pad which is made of medical grade silicone. It isn’t the most attractive look, having this pad stuck on your décolleté that is similar in color and texture to those silicone breast enhancers that you can stick in your bra. You leave it on while you sleep and in the morning you remove it. The pad is supposed to restore hydration and allow the skin to repair itself. I have to say when I first removed it I had an area of redness but it did go away after about an hour. My skin is sensitive. The third step is to apply their serum which contains ingredients to help minimize wrinkle formation. I really love the serum, it has brightening ingredients, anti-oxidants, and provides hydration. I would use this serum every day and especially before applying any makeup. After one night of use, I did notice a softening of my creases and I am sure after regular use the effects will be even better.

Makeup? Yes, you can put makeup on your decollete! It’s like contouring for your cleavage and is very effective. If you are planning on showing some skin, you may want to try it.


The idea is to create the illusion of a deeper cleavage and to add highlights to catch the light for a candlelit like glow. Using your contour powder or cream blend on the area between your breasts and just above your collar bones. Then using the highlighter, accentuate the tops of your breasts and along your collar bone. Blend well. Adding a body cream with some shimmer to your collar bones, shoulders and decollete is the secret to a red carpet worthy look. You can also use the Sio silicone pad for a few hours before a special event or a photo shoot.

Make sure to apply this makeup after you have already gotten dressed. Otherwise, you could end up with makeup on your clothes!



With the holidays coming up soon, I recommend giving your decollete some love and attention. It’s the perfect addition to a great dress.


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