These days everyone has a busy schedule so it’s really a treat to get together with friends for a day of lunch and girly chat. When Florence invited me to visit her gorgeous newly finished home, I thought I would take the time to chat about makeup, real-life makeup. Of course it’s inspiring to look to scroll through Pinterest beauty boards and spend 30 mins on a Youtube tutorial, but it’s not so practical, or appropriate, on a daily basis to spend a lot of time putting makeup on.

The conversation came around to everyone’s beauty routines and how they were bored with the same old thing, and how can they refresh their makeup routine and look more well rested, etc…. and so (along with Allana, my friend the super photographer,) we had an afternoon chatting and discussing beauty, makeup (and other topics bien sur, like how much we want to live in Florence’s house!!) with Florence and her friend and interior decorator, Murielle.

Florence is a busy mom who wakes up at 5 am to get her kids ready, get them breakfast, make their lunches and drive them to school. She admits she’s been stuck in a makeup rut using the same products and has little time. She wanted to find a new routine which she could easily do herself in a few minutes so that if she had a meeting after dropping her children she could look polished and put together. A self-proclaimed oily skin owner, she complained that her makeup disappeared by midday especially in Miami’s humid weather.

Flocloseup2I suggested she change her BB cream for one that is long-lasting or for oily skin so that it wouldn’t disappear so quickly.( try Estee Lauder Double wear BB all day glow  or L’Oreal Magic skin beautifier.) Then I armed her with blotting papers that I picked up in Asia if she felt extra shiny during the day. Asian skin can tend to be more oily prone and the weather is often humid in the summer months that’s why blotting papers are so popular. ( try Boscia green tea blotting linens   ) Light reflecting concealer under the eyes will help with tired eyes on early morning days, I used Nars radiant creamy concealer . A quick slick of Clinique’s chubby eye pencil in Ample Amber    all over her lower lid and into the crease brings out the amazing blue of her eyes followed by mascara. Her personal Dior lip glow  is perfect to give lips that natural but better look and I gave her a dusting of Chanel powder blush to give a healthy glow. Et voila, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.



Murielle, who possesses the most incredible pale turquoise eyes, is the interior decorator who is responsible for the interior of this gorgeous home. I’m just in love with this airy tea/breakfast nook. And the driftwood dining table where “le chat” lounges on linen dining chairs!


closeupmurielleMurielle doesn’t wear much makeup and so I showed her how to do a smokey eye that would bring out her eye color but not make her eyes look too small. Shu Uemura grey in the cool palette all over the lid to the crease. The medium shade in the Dior palette in Gris-Gris on the center of the eyelid and the darkest shade a deep plum in the Armani palette Shades to Kill in Tierra Sienna along the lash line.I lined her eyes at the root of the lashes with black gel liner from Inglot, to mimic the dark ring around her iris. The shades are grey with a hint of violet to contrast with her green/ blue eyes.

murielle in swingmuriellebyallanawesleywhite007

Interior designer is also a creative job and I thought I would ask her how she got into designing and if she could give us some decor tips.

How did you get started in your career as an Interior Designer?

I have a bachelor’s degree in fashion design. Already, as a student, I had the opportunity to make window treatments for the parents of my friends, as they had beautiful places, I already had my jobs pictured in magazines. That was just for fun, since I was having my career in the fashion industry. But one day I received a call from one of my best girlfriends that studied interior design at Parson NY. She asked me to partner with her for a project in London.I immediately fall in love with this job. But still didn’t know how to switch from fashion to interior design. I made some projects in the south of France, too. But, it is really when I moved here (Miami) that I made it my main activity. I started very quickly, thanks to a French designer called Michele Billet that I still work with, doing tons of beautiful high standing projects.I stopped totally working in fashion, last season.

What parts of the job keep you excited about working in this field?

The best thing for me is that each place inspires something different, I love to design custom to make a place to look at it’s best, but always listening to customer concerns. The way they live is the most important for me. I really want them to feel at home, like if they made it themselves. Most of the time it goes beyond their expectations, I am so glad when I see them enjoying it so much.

Do you have a specialty?

I made fabrics my specialty, I make most of the widow treatments myself, especially when it comes to very sophisticated ones. In general, I think custom is very important so I design a lot of furniture, too.

What home accents, that are often overlooked, do you think are really important for the overall look?

Details are extremely important to me.
A house where a carpet or window treatments are missing would look unfinished. Accents must contrast with the furniture. I love oak, where I like to sit a glass vase or candle holder as well as metallic bowls or trays.  Flowers, as much as possible.

Scented candles or room diffusers?

Scents are very important, I’ve been burning a lot of candles in the past, now I am using home perfumes, as well as eau de toilettes that last longer and provide a fresher atmosphere. Chanel, Guerlain, for citrus scents, Astier de Villate and Dyptique for the flowers.

How do you dress for work?

I always dress very casual. First of all because this is me, but also because I need to be comfortable when I go to construction sites, as a perfectionist, I am always cleaning around, moving things, etc..

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