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Many of my clients tell me that they can’t do their own makeup either because they don’t know what colors they should use or where they should put it but also they feel like they are not dexterous enough to really put it on correctly. I tend to agree as I am much better at lining someone else’s eyes than my own. Picture it; you’re squinting in the mirror with that weird contorted face lining your eye as best you can with one eye open then you have to open the eye you’re lining to check if it looks right by looking down and in the mirror at the same time. Complicated!

So I  like it when beauty companies come out with new products and tools that save us time or help us solve a particular beauty dilemma. Case in point Julep’s cool new Plié nail polish wand.


photo courtesy of Julep


Moving beyond just a new formulation or a new color palette, this new wand promises to help us with painting our own nails. It’s so easy for me to paint my left hand ( since I am right-handed) which I always start with, but then the right hand is always a mess and awkward.

The Plié wand makes it easier by introducing a long wand handle which bends at a hinge so that it can rest between your fingers and offer more control. It helps too that the nail polish itself is formulated without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP, or camphor.


Lancome has introduced the Swan neck wand for their Grandiose mascara which promises to make mascara application effortless. With the curved wand you can reach all your lashes easily which makes your lashes really stand out. I learned from the best makeup artists when I was modeling that you really have to get at the base of the lashes with the mascara to make the lashes really pop. Although at those 5am call times, I really had a hard time keeping my eyes open long enough for the makeup artist to apply several coats of mascara! I love Lancôme’s mascara formulations, they seem to somehow keep your lashes in good condition, so paired with an ergonomic wand, why not?

mascara wandwand2


I know I’ve talked about this one before (here), but the beauty blender sponge really makes it easier for everyone to get a professional finish to their makeup application. I use a dampened one when I apply foundation and I have even been using the point tip to smooth on under eye concealer. They now have adorable micro mini blenders which are perfect just for that and small areas of the face, like inner eye corners and highlighting the brow bone.


I am still searching for an easier eyeliner applicator and an easier way for people who wear glasses to apply their makeup (besides a magnifying mirror). What are your beauty woes?

Send us your beauty dilemmas in the comment section, and we will respond with our beauty solution!

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