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When I look at Audrey Hepburn in the still from ” Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, I am reminded of my own sleeping style, and not just because I have an orange cat! Flat on my stomach, face squished into my pillow, sleeping mask optional depending on how late I will be able to sleep in! It’s no wonder that I wake up with vertical lines in my forehead and creases under my eyes! These are not caused by laughter and sun damage. No these are the lines that come from years of sleeping on my side or my stomach. They used to fade after a few hours, but now, more often they stay around most of the day!

It was with great interest then that I chose to review this promising Pillowcase. “The Pillowcase” from Circadia, is a physician developed design that helps prevent moisture loss while you sleep. Since your skin repairs itself while you snooze, it only makes sense to allow it the chance to recover without the inhibition of wrinkly cotton fabrics that actually absorb your body’s natural water loss that occurs nightly. The fabric used for the Pillowcase does not have any additives, it is the construction of the fabric itself that makes it so soft. The knit inside is scientifically proven to reduce nightly moisture loss.

Soft it is! The fabric is smoother and softer than fancy 1000 thread count sheets. It feels like a luxurious cross between silk and soft brushed cotton. I must tell you it is a pleasure to sleep on. My pillow has been elevated to luxury status.

As for my sleep lines, they do seem reduced. They are still noticeable in the morning but much less (I am afraid some of mine are permanent anyway, it’s best to start prevention early). I do feel as though my sleep is more relaxed and if I can help my beauty products to repair my skin while I sleep than I for one am going to continue!

Circadia is sold exclusively to professional estheticians, but if you want to get your hands on this cool pillowcase and other products, you can find out which professional you can purchase from on their website. (there is also an 800 number)

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