IMG_2941It is mid summer already and maybe you are already on vacation or are about to take one. I just arrived in France in the countryside where my husband’s family is from. It is calm and quiet and the warm days pass slowly and without hurry. There are no alarm clocks ( if you don’t count the rooster who announces the day way too early!) and no traffic.

It occurred to me that it is the perfect time to go unplugged, disconnect, and get back to the essentials. I have forced myself to only look at Instagram once a day, when I may (or may not) post something as well as email and Facebook. I think it does a person some good to read a book with real paper pages while relaxing in the garden. To wake up when the body says it is ready and to take one’s time and just listen to nature.

This got me to thinking that it is also a moment to also pare down the beauty products to just the essentials. Maybe a sunblock, a moisturizer, some lip balm. Let hair dry naturally in the sun, allow the skin to breathe, and just be comfortable in your own skin.

And you, do you like to take a break from your beauty routine? On vacation do you tend to wear less makeup?


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